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GEICO Insurance refers to The Government Employees Insurance Company which is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland. It is the second largest Auto insurance company in the United States, founded by Leo Goodwin SR. and his wife Lillian Goodwin. Geico insurance company was owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. GEICO is the whole body that prints private passenger Automobile insurance in all the 50 states of US and the districts of Columbia. GEICO insurance company sells its policies through their local agents called Geico field representatives. GEICO was started to make the employees more financially stable and is still a private corporation which is not yet affiliated with any Government authorities.

Why GEICO Insurance Company?

GEICO Insurance company is the United States private Insurance company launched to provide insurance on various items available in the market. Targeting the customer base of US Government employees and the military personnel, Founder Goodwin has started this company. Geico insurance company offers the most affordable insurance options to US military candidates. People who are not aware of GEICO insurance assume that it provides only car insurance. But in addition to Auto insurance, it also helps you in providing insurance to Motorcycle, RV, Boat, ATV, Homeowners, tenants, mobile home insurance, personal umbrella protection, life insurance, flood insurance, overseas insurance, business owners policy, general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, collector car insurance, identity insurance, jewelry insurance, professional liability insurance and much more. Presently there were more than 16 million auto policies and has more than 24 million vehicles covering their customer’s list. It has regional offices at various places like Buffalo- New York, Dallas- Texas, Lakeland- Florida, San Diego- California, Woodbury- New York and more.

GEICO Insurance- Vehicle Insurance:

Geico Auto Insurance:

Are you looking for Car insurance? Then you are at the right place to find the need information through Geico Insurance company. To apply for an Auto insurance, you need to get a personalized quote through online. Once you check out the text box displayed under the Auto Insurance portal then you will experience the best support regarding the types of coverages and the best options available in the list. Depending on your driving habits, it also displays the exciting discounts to the new customers(Save up to 500$).

Geico Motorcycle Insurance:

Motorcycle Insurance is the most preferred and highly registered insurance quote that helps you in saving your money depending on the motorcycle that you have chosen. Geico insurance company offers impressive discounts on the sports bike, touring bike, standard bike, sweet custom ride etc.  Not only bike insurance Geico insurance company also offers insurance to scooter vehicles too. GEICO insurance has provided insurance for less than the quote applied to that of existing coverage. You can pay Geico motorcycle insurance at once/ monthly/ in 4 /6 /9 installments.

Geico ATV Insurance Quote:

Now it’s your way to grab the lightning deals on ATV insurance policies offered by GeicoInsurance company. People who ATV vehicles or ATV racing will surely love the offers and discounts published on the Geico insurance company’s website. It allows you to get the reasonable insurance discount for your ATV vehicles when you purchase any other motorcycle. Anti Theft system for ATV and UTV vehicles will be offered when you choose the premium purchase list. Your vehicle will be serviced faster than expected once you park in the garage. You can claim the issues related to your vehicle through online.

GEICO Insurance- Property Insurance:

Geico Insurance company also offers property insurance that includes Homeowners insurance, renters insurance, condo/ co-op insurance, mobile home insurance, landlord, flood insurance etc. Home is the most important for anyone where you would like to find the best investment and insurance deals. Home insurance covers fire, wind, hail, water damage, theft and personal liability issues. Once your homeowner’s insurance or any one of the above-stated insurance gets accepted through the GEICO insurance agency then you can check out the exciting discount given by them. Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers home security systems will make you feel more secure when you apply for multiple policy discounts.

GEICO Insurance- Business Insurance:

Business Insurance is the most important requirement for every business minded individual or an entrepreneur. Geico insurance agency will majorly concentrate on providing insurance to vehicles and business traders. Geico Business Insurance covers Business Owners insurance, General Liability Insurance, Professional Insurance Liability, Workers Compensation Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Ridesharing Insurance. One who would like to start a new business or having a business trade running successfully can apply the Geico insurance quote to claim the insurance. Any damages occurred in your company will be surely covered by Geico Insurance company in very less time. Business Insurance majorly covers Physical injury, property damage, or personal damage as included in Business owners policy.

GEICO Insurance- Additional Insurance:

Additional Insurance in Geico Insurance company deals with Umbrella Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Overseas Insurance, Identity Protection, Pet Insurance, Jewlry Insurance etc.

Geico Life Insurance:

Do you like to get a Life Insurance quote? Then Geico Insurance is the only best choice with unexpected discounts. Life Insurance is mainly for the sake of your loved ones and their future. You may not be able to spend a dollar in the present situation but it is sure that their future will be protected with your Life Insurance Policy. Online resources and the phone numbers provided will be used to ensure that your family is protected. Depending on your requirement, you can pay the Life insurance amount in the form of installments. Term Life Insurance by Geico Insurance Agency provides you the straightforward death benefit protection without spending any amount of cash value added to your account.

Geico Pet Insurance:

Pet Insurance for your loving pets(Cats and dogs) is now available at GeicoInsurance Company.  Love for a pet will be more when you take utmost care from its birth by giving the needed attention. Now the veterinary insurance has raised up to 81% due to the increase in the technology. Geico Insurance agency has tied the knot to provide pet insurance for your dogs and cats when came across accidents or illness. Once you apply Pet insurance quote through Geico insurance, you will be reimbursed up to 90% of the veterinary bill.

Geico Insurance Review & and Ratings 2018

Geico Insurance Review: GEICO, which stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. This is the second largest auto insurance company founded in the year of 1936. This sells for low rates directly to the consumer without any involvement of middleman through online or the phone number provided. This sells the insurance products to military members and federal employees. The GEICO mainly focus on auto insurance. The GEICO is best for car insurance for those people who looking for affordable policies. You can easily manage GEICO insurance account online when you cannot reach your agent. check below for Geico Insurance Review and ratings 2018.

Products and Services:

As mentioned above second largest company in the auto insurance. This excels in Auto Insurance. There are insurance from GEICO they are

Car Insurance:

The GEICO is the best insurance company for car insurance, this also provides others offers like mechanical breakdown coverage, emergency roadside assistance, auto repair express, ridesharing insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance:

The GEICO gives insurance to the motorcycles, this put lot of time and money in advertising. These take them to the top position in the United States.

Homeowners Insurance:

If you are looking for a home for insurance you can select GEICO for homeowners insurance.

ATV insurance:

If you are looking for all-terrain vehicle insurance. The GEICO is best one for it and also provides discounts.

Umbrella Insurance:

The Umbrella Insurance policy protects you from libel and slander lawsuits.

Life Insurance:

You can also make Life Insurance policy in GEICO. Actually, the GEICO provides limited policies compared to other insurance companies.

Boat Insurance:

If any damage occurs to your boats or water toys you can regain them by Boat Insurance.

Business Insurance:

This insurance policy suitable for a small business. The policies and liability obtained over the phone or through the agent.

More About GEICO:


you can easily open the official website of GEICO and know what insurances provided by the company. If you have an account and you can easily login to the account. Without login also you can submit the claim and payment.

Mobile App:

The GEICO also providing a mobile app for mobile users. Now you can easily use the app. You can submit a claim or make a payment through a mobile app. And you can also chat with the agent.

Virtual Assistant:

This is actually a new feature for mobile users of apple and android users. This gives answers to your insurance questions and provides the policies information.

GEICO Insurance Review and Rating:

In the NerdWallet ranking for the best Car Insurance company, GEICO Insurance Reviewed as the 13th best insurer out of 23 insurers. Customer Geico Insurance Reviews reported that they have a satisfactory feeling by taking insurance policies at GEICO. J. D. Power rating stated their satisfaction with customer service and shopping. All the customers who purchased auto, home, renters, cars, motorcycle insurance have unveiled their satisfaction with the discounts by using the policies issued by GEICO. Get quotes from the multiple agents and get the best suitable quote for your purchase. People who have been tied up with Geico company have rated 4 stars and above out of 5 stars.

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GEICO Insurance Alternatives- Best GEICO alternatives

People often change their decisions for choosing the best one out of all the pieces they have found. In a similar way, your search for the best Geico Insurance Alternative has directed you to go through this article. Though Geico Insurance provides the best discounts for the insurance that you have applied, people like you will always search for the highly discounted insurance companies. In search of the insurance companies providing higher discounts, I have have found the best Geico insurance alternatives as stated below.


Progressive Insurance:

Looking for the best Insurance company to buy anything easily with quick insurance facilities? Then Progressive Insurance is the best Geico Insurance alternative company that I would suggest you choose to buy things easily. Using Progressive Insurance company you can view coverages, Id cards, your policy details for the vehicles purchased. If you want to claim any report for the company regarding the damages you came across then directly capture the pictures and mail to the Insurance company. Not only these you can pay your credit or debit bill by using the online procedure. You can also make a quote or policy change or access your policy documents at anytime when you need. Install this Geico Insurance alternative app i.e Progressive Insurance company on your device and check your policies online.


When it comes to the Geico Insurance Alternatives, Allstate stands in the list of top 5 due to its best discounts and offers. Allstate is also called as mobile insurance or Esurance company that allows you to pay bills easily, easily claims, roadside or accident support, Policy management at any time and anywhere. Using Allstate, pay your bill by making a schedule with the bank account or credit or debit card. It is easy to claim an Auto or Property or business claim so that the company team will respond you in a very short span of time than expected. If you are a vivid user of mobile then access your Insurance account profile using Allstate mobile app on your Android/ iOS device. For the new customers it offers the reasonable discounts and so far it is called as the best Geico Insurance Alternative company.

State Farm:

Looking for More lovable Geico Insurance Alternative? Then check out State Farm.

State Farm is also called as a Pocket agent that gives mobile access to State Farm Insurance and all the financial information of the customer including the policies managed by them. If you have been looking for the Geico Insurance alternative service which mobile friendly then I suggest you choose State Farm Insurance. Though it works similar to that of Geico Insurance, it differs at few points like discounts or the service or the claim reports etc. Using State Farm Insurance mobile access feature, you can find the agent near you and submit an auto or property insurance claims. Using State Farm Bank Customers account, it is easy to find the previous transactions made on that particular account. It is easy to pay your bills using State Farm Bank Credit Card and you can also transfer money from one State Farm Account to another easily.